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Thank you for the music

Posted 17 June 2013 at 21:45

Without the music accompanying their solo dances, this year's show would not have been complete. For some performances, the story of the song was told through dance; in others, the tempo of the music was used to guide the dance around the stage.

If you want to know which songs were used in this year's competition, and maybe wanted to find them, here are all the details:

  1. Armenia: "Blind Alley"- Otto Bubenicek
  2. Belarus: "Esmeralda"- Cesare Pugni
  3. The Netherlands: "The elements"- Rik Ronner
  4. Sweden: "Another place"- Mischa Daniels
  5. Ukraine: "Unstoppable"- E.S. Posthumus
  6. Czech Republic: "Paradise Circus"- Massive Attack
  7. Poland: "Wherever you will go"- Charlene Soraia (Cover version, originally sung by The Calling)
  8. Norway: "Unutmamali"- Taksim Trio
  9. Slovenia: "Passacaglia for cello and violin"- G.F.Händel – arr.Johan Halvorsen / Wells Cunningham
  10. Germany: "To build a home"- The Cinematic Orchestra (Jason Swinscoe)

The tracks for both the group dance and final duel were composed by Mark Adair.

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