Daria Klimentová
16 December 2017
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Meet the jury for Prague 2017: Daria Klimentová

Get to know Daria Klimentová, one of the three jury members at Eurovision Young Dancers 2017.

Posted 4 November, 2017, 7:00

Daria Klimentová is one of the most famous Czech prima ballerinas and has danced in companies around the world, including the National Theatre Ballet Company in Prague and the English National Ballet in London. She has also been a guest artist around the world including Taiwan, South Africa, USA, Vietnam, Italy, the Czech Republic, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia and Shanghai.

Daria was born in Prague and started gymnastics when she was five years old. She was spotted as a future Olympic talent and placed under the guidance of the country’s top trainers. At the age of 10 she entered the Prague State Conservatoire of Music and Dance, where once again her teachers picked her out as a great natural talent, and placed her in a programme designed for future Principal Dancers.

Daria has entered numerous international ballet competitions including Prix de Lausanne and the International Ballet Competition in Pretoria, where she won a gold medal. Since her graduation Daria has travelled the world and worked in Cape Town, South Africa as well as London in the UK. 

Since 2003 Daria has been the founder and Director of the Prague International Ballet Masterclasses held at the magnificent studios of the National Theatre Company in Prague. Bringing together her friends, such as Tamara Rojo, Nicholas Le Riche and Julio Bocca, to spend intensive time in the studio with the next generation of ballet stars. 

Her regular partners these past three or four years include Friedemann Vogel from Stuttgart and Vadim Muntagirov from Russia. In 2011 the BBC, having followed English National Ballet for a year, broadcast a series of three documentaries entitled The Agony and the Ecstasy, which featured Daria. In that same year she was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by Dame Beryl Grey, for the Dance Critics Circle in London.

In 2014 Daria announced her retirement from the English National Ballet after more than 18 years of performing. She will appear on the forthcoming edition of Eurovision Young Dancers as a member of the professional jury. Visit her website for more information about her life and work.

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