Ambra Succi, one of the judges for Eurovision Young Dancers 2017.
16 December 2017
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Meet the jury for Prague 2017: Ambra Succi

Get to know Ambra Succi, one of the three judges for Eurovision Young Dancers 2017!

Posted 6 November, 2017, 8:00

Ambra Succi is a Swedish dancer and choreographer. She has worked on several high-profile television shows including The X Factor and Melodifestivalen. Ambra choreographed the performance of Loreen who won the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest for Sweden with Euphoria. She will be on the panel of judges for Eurovision Young Musicians 2017 in Prague.

Ambra trained as a dancer in Finland, Sweden and the United States. She teaches dance workshops in Hip-Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Heels, Ragga, Experimental Hip-Hop. In addition to this she has also taught choreography around the world. 

As Ambra says herself, she started off in dance relatively late in life. "I started off late with the dance, but it was the best way to express myself. I had so much within me who just wanted to get out. I was developing emotionally. I had the odds against me both physically and economically," she said. "I went to the world, I took my way, a very different way. And now I am HERE!"

As a member of the dance group Bounce Streetdance Company (1998-2010) Ambra participated in a number of productions that attracted much attention in both Sweden and the rest of the world. You can find out more about her work on her official website as well as her Facebook page. 

Ambra will be a judge on the 2017 edition of Eurovision Young Dancers in Prague on Saturday 16th December. 

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Ambra Succi, one of the judges for Eurovision Young Dancers 2017. © Ambra Succi