16 December 2017

Join us at 20:00 CET



Having been first broadcast in 1985, the Eurovision Young Dancers competition consists of a live show aired at prime-time to millions of viewers across Europe.

In a nutshell, the rules of Eurovision Young Dancers are as follows:
  • All participants must be aged between 16-21 on the date of the live show;
  • Participants shall either be citizens of the Participating Broadcaster he/she is representing or shall have been resident in that country for at least the two years preceding the competition;
  • Only solo dancers not professionally engaged are eligible to enter. Contestants should be part of a recognised dance institution and possess the classical/contemporary ballet skills;
  • Prize winners of previous editions of the competition are not eligible to participate;
  • Each dancer shall perform a solo dance, the maximum length of which should be two minutes. Participants have freedom to choose the music and style of dance;
  • After the solo dance, participants will perform a group dance, choreographed by an invited choreographer;
  • A professional jury will judge all the performances;
  • None of the jury members shall be connected in any way with any of the participating dances or artists to ensure complete independence in their votes and impartiality;
  • The jury judge performances on faithfulness to the choreography, quality of the dance and artistic expression and flexibility of the dancer to adapt to new styles of dance.