16 December 2017

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Eurovision Young Dancers 2017 was hosted by TV and radio host Libor Bouček. His co-host was dancer and choreographer Angeé Klára Svobodová.

Libor Bouček and Angeé Klára Svobodová are the hosts Eurovision Young Dancers 2017.
Libor Bouček and Angeé Klára Svobodová are the hosts Eurovision Young Dancers 2017. © CT

Libor Bouček

A highly experienced presenter of many popular TV shows and host of live broadcast events, including Eurovision Young Dancers 2015 and the national stages of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 and 2017. As an eminent Czech host, Libor Bouček will guide the audience through the evening at the Eurovision Young Dancers 2017 competition finals.
Libor Bouček has plenty of live television broadcasts under his belt, encompassing sports competitions (such as the European Athletics Championships, the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA European Championship 2008 and 2012, the Davis Cup final, the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship 2015, and the inaugural Laver Cup) and entertainment programmes and reality shows (The Voice of CzechoSlovakia, Miss Czech Republic, the Czech Music Awards, Let’s Dance, and Fort Boyard).
He is also a sought-after master of ceremony at major events, a voice actor in dubbed foreign films, such as Ice Age 2, Start Trek and The Avengersm and a radio presenter. He has been appearing on stage for more than 20 years. His hobbies include travel, reading, golf, football and cooking.
“Dance is the most elegant movement possible, and I am one of its greatest admirers. However, well aware of my limits, I remain an enthusiastic but passive consumer, rather than an active engager. Ever since I hosted a season of the Slovak version of the Let’s Dance competition, I have been in awe of the art of dancers. They are unbelievable,” says Libor Bouček about his relationship to dance.

Angeé Klára Svobodová

Angeé got into modern gymnastics and sports aerobics when she was six. Six years later, she joined the Echo Praha dance group, gaining a wealth of dance experience during her ve years there. She was then active in the training of the IF dance group under the guidance of Leona Kvasnicová.
She studied dance and choreography at the Broadway Dance Center in New York. In 2008, she contributed to The Freakshow, a project in which she featured as both a dancer and choreographer. In 2009, she teamed up with Yemi A.D. and became part of the JAD Dance Company. In 2011 and 2012, she was involved in US singer Kanye West’s world tour. Audiences may recognise her from the television show Your Face Sounds Familiar (Tvoje tvář má známý hlas), where she is the chief choreographer.
As a choreographer and dancer, she has worked with a plethora of interesting figures, including Karel Gott, Victoria, Ben Cristovao, Gogoosh, Turbo T. Double, Vypsaná xa, Tonya Graves, Phats and Small, and Verona, and has contributed to a string of interesting projects – the opening of the Pussycat Dolls’ Prague concert, the TV show T-Music Dance, collaborations with the Academy of Performing Arts, Český tučnák, Adidas, Sensation White, Quixiano, KVIFF, Show Jana Krause, NYE Hilton and others. In dance, she is attracted to everything fresh and likes to mix styles and techniques that seem to be incompatible. She has devised her own dance style, MTV Style, which draws on street dance techniques, jazz, and dance hall, and combines commercial and artistic expressions of movement.
This year, in her role as co-host, she will assist Libor Bouček and will give television audiences of the Eurovision Young Dancers peeks behind the scenes. "I am really looking forward to this year’s Eurovision Young Dancers because it’s teeming with fantastic talented dancers. As standards are very high this year, my wish for all the dancers is that, first and foremost, they enjoy the whole competition and give the best they’ve got," is Angeé Klára Svobodová’s message to the dancers.